Fall 2016 Registration Information

for Students with a major or minor in African, African American, and Diaspora Studies

In the fall 2016 semester, the Department is offering a single section of AAAD 395, which is open to students in both the African Studies and African American and Diaspora Studies concentrations. Students who plan to graduate in May 2017, August 2017, or December 2017, and need this course to graduate, should enroll in this section. The course will not be offered in spring 2017.

Additionally, students who will be sophomores or juniors in fall 2016, and who are considering writing an Honors thesis in AAAD, should enroll in AAAD 395 in fall 2016. AAAD 395 is a prerequisite for the Honors thesis sequence.

Students whose major concentration is African Studies, or who take the minor in African Studies, can now count LGLA 404; SWAH 404, 405, 406; WOLO 404 toward their major or minor requirements.

The requirements for the major and minor are published in the Undergraduate Bulletin/2016-2017 Catalog.

If you were enrolled at Carolina prior to fall 2013, you are still able to complete the major or minor requirements that were in effect at the time you entered. Alternately, you can declare the major or minor under the current requirements. Contact Kenneth Janken, the Department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, if you have questions about fulfilling the pre-2013 requirements.

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