William E. Leuchtenburg Professor of African Studies, and Professor of Law


Teaching and Research Interests:

African History, Culture and Politics (in the Dept. of African and Afro-American Studies). I have been told by many students that my Introductory Course to African Civilization has opened their eyes to the African world - to Africa behind the headlines. I hope that my class on Comparative Constitutional Law (in the School of Law) will achieve a similar objective.

Current Research:

For over thirty years, my research interest has focused on African history, law and politics, which is reflected in my writings (e.g., The Executive in African Governments (1974), Conflict and Intervention in the Horn of Africa (1980), and Constitution Making in Eritrea (2002)). My writings include dozens of articles in referred journals, chapters in books, and scores of brief commentaries such as the six pieces in the Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World.