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9:30AM-11:30AM: Panel #1: The Politics of Environment and Infrastructure

     Joella Bitter – Duke University, Cultural Anthropology

            “Garage Atmospherics”


     Brittany Meché – UC Berkeley, Geography

          “Desertification Discourse and Security Imaginaries in the West African Sahel”


     Veronica Jacome – UC Berkeley, Energy and Resources

            “Electricity Infrastructure Imaginaries: Power Inequalities in 20th Century Grid Development”


     Carmen Anthonj – UNC, Dept of Environmental Sciences/Water Institute

             “Flooding, Drought, and Human Health in Africa”

     Discussant – Dave Pier—UNC, AAAD


11:30AM-1PM: Panel #2:Environment, Development, and/as Security in Africa

    Colin West – UNC, Anthropology

“Environmental Rehabilitation: Development, Desertification, and Desiccation in Sahelian Drylands”


Eunice Sahle – UNC, AAAD

“Sustainable Development Goals in Kenya: The Case of Makueni County”


Navin Bapat – UNC, Peace, War & Defense

“Understanding the War on Terror in Africa”

Moderator: Michael Lambert—UNC, AAAD

Lunch 1PM-2PM


2PM-3:30PM: Panel #2: Precarious Value: Land Use and Extractive Investment

        Nisrin Elamin – Columbia University, Anthropology & Columbia University Society of Fellows

            “Toxicity and the socio-spatial politics of enclosure in central Sudan”


        Timothy Makori – University of Toronto-Scarborough, Human Geography

            “Tin, Taxes and Traceability: mineral flows in eastern Congo”


        Alfredo Rojas—UNC, Anthropology

            “Cooperation and Cashews: Agricultural Change and Labor Strategies in Northwest Côte d’Ivoire”

        Discussant: Andrew CurleyUNC, Geography


3:30PM-Closing Remarks