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Associate Professor


B.A., Psychology, University of Michigan; EdD, Education and Social Policy, Harvard University

Teaching and Research Interests:

In addition to teaching the survey introductory course, Dr. Hall has developed courses that examine various forms and phases of African American cultural production, focusing especially on popular music. These include a course that surveys the historical influence of African American popular culture, and one that specifically examines the history of hip hop. Also, in addition to leading the capstone senior seminar for Afro-American Studies majors, he has taught courses pertaining to the Black Freedom Struggle, and the development of African American social and political leadership.

Current Research:

Aspects of much of Dr. Hall’s experience in the field are reflected in his book, In the Vineyard: Working in African American Studies. In addition, he has published articles and book chapters exploring cultural production in conjunction with issues of class and identity, and defining theoretical issues and approaches in African American Studies. He is currently working on a book that examines orality and literacy in relation to African American cultural production and political representation.