Global Africana Review

The Global Africana Review is the Department’s academic journal comprised of

UNC undergraduate students’ research. The inaugural issue was launched in Spring 2017.

An electronic version of the journal can be found in the Carolina Digital Repository.


General Information | ii

Chair’s Note | iii

Editorial Team | iv

Contributors | v

Introduction | 1

David Pier

Agents of Rights-Based Justice: Wangari Maathai and Kenya’s Green Belt Movement | 2

Rebekah Cockram

The Promise of Peace: UNSC 2098 and 2147 and the Protection of Congolese Civilians | 14

Danielle N. Allyn

Haitian Immigrants in Rural Maryland: Experiences of Life and Health | 24

Emily Sheffield

Nationalism and Othering in the Contemporary Eta: The Non-South African Black and Xenophobia in South Africa | 30

Amukelani Muyanga

Artistic Juxtaposition: The Vulnerability and Strength of Black South African Women in Mary Sibande’s Sophie Series | 44

India Benson

Review of Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution | 55

Mary Quattlebaum