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Study Abroad

Information on Africa programs offered by UNC Study Abroad.


Study African Diasporas on Location! (left to right: Brazil, China, France, and Africa)

African Studies Center at UNC-Chapel Hill

Links to related student organizations and events calendar.

The Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History

Since its inception in 1988, the Center has focused its efforts on the interdisciplinary examination of Africana lives, cultures, and histories. The Center’s current focus is on integrating cultural development with community development, and on building ties to communities and institutions in the African diaspora in the Americas.

African Studies Collections of the UNC Libraries

This site compiles links to resources such as electronic newspapers of Sub-Saharan Africa and electronic indexes and databases. UNC library collections on Africa are among the top twenty in the country.

The Institute of African American Research

The Institute of African American Research supports and facilitates excellence in research concerning African Americans and the African Diaspora. The IAAR’s mission is to expand understanding and cultivate engagement with critical questions, approaches, and innovative and timely studies as they pertain to research about people of African descent.

Center for Global Initiatives

The Center for Global Initiatives expands global opportunities at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Center specializes in opening access and removing barriers to such opportunities for underserved students. Through collaborative programs and competitive funding opportunities, CGI connects people across borders and disciplines. CGI’s work is wide-ranging: the Center helps fund faculty to develop global courses; empowers students to conduct ambitious research and internships abroad; directs global events on campus; and connects the community with the University’s global resources.

Because CGI’s work is diverse and comprehensive, the U.S. Department of Education recognizes the Center as one of only seven National Resource Centers in global studies.

Center for the Study of the American South

The Center for the Study of the American South serves Carolina & the community through research, scholarship, lectures, conferences, and arts events. Extending the University’s historic role as a leader in regional service and scholarship, the Center’s diverse programs reflect their commitment to strong research and scholarship on the history, contemporary experience, diverse cultures, and global context of the South.