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The Department of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies is proud to annually host its Undergraduate Research Conference, which showcases presentations of the work of our students. The conference consists of panels featuring the research of undergraduate students and is moderated by AAAD faculty meetings. This year’s 11th annual conference took place on March 23, 2024 and included a range of great paper topics, as illustrated below. Congratulations to both our undergraduate scholars and their faculty mentors!


PANEL 1: INSTITUTIONS (2:05 – 3:15pm)


Professor Shakirah Hudani, panel chair

Thierry Charles, “Lost At Sea: Dominica’s Unique Foreign Policy Approach in the Face of International Adversity”

Sedrick Brown, “Unionization: A Path to Progress in the Southeastern United States”

Alicen Moore, “Birth Experiences in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, at the Tufts-Delta Health Center from 1965-1975”

Rehana Ward-Cooper, “Silicon Savannah: Nairobi’s Rise to a Global Tech Hub”


PANEL 2: ACTIVISTS (3:25 – 4:35pm)


Professor Nadia Mosquera Muriel, panel chair

Nakia Hoskins, “First There Was Ella, Then There was Black Feminism”

Robert Clay, “Identity: The Shaping of Pauli Murray and the Fourteenth Amendment”

Skyler Clay, “‘Power to the Ice Pick!’: The Trial of Joan Little and Activism among Southern Black Women in the Post Civil Rights Era”

Yoni Taye, “A Revolutionary Counterrevolution: Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso, and African Radicalism in Context, 1983-87”


PANEL 3: REPRESENTATIONS (4:45 – 6:00pm)


Professor Charlene Regester, panel chair

Shaanty Whyte, “Malala Andrialavidrazana’s Figures: Remapping Africa with Artifacts of Colonialism”

Alasia Jenkins, “Bad Fat Black Femmes: Navigating the Nexus between Fatphobia and Racialized Gender”

Grant Daniel McKenzie, “Why Must Cohesion Be a ‘Crash’? An Investigative Critique of Crash and Its Failures of Representation”

Sam Hankley, Paper on the film The Green Mile, Title TBD