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See below for contact information for our faculty and staff members.

Brief biographies and descriptions of each faculty member’s teaching and research interests can be found by selecting the faculty member’s name.

Claude Clegg, Department Chair


P: 919-966-5496

Kenneth Janken, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Honors Coordinator


P: 919-962-1519

Fall 2023 virtual office hours: Wednesday 8-9:30am, 2-3:30pm at

Mohamed Mwamzandi, Language Coordinator


Charlene Regester, Summer School Administrator


P: 919-537-3383

Administrative and Support Staff

Lola Tasar, Business Services Coordinator 919-966-1295
Velvet Catoe, Administrative Support Associate 919-966-5496

Core Faculty

Maya J. Berry                                                       919-537-3382

Raphael Birya                         

Lydia Boyd                                                         919-537-3385

Brandi Brimmer                                                    919-537-3188

Samba Camara                       

Claude Clegg                                                       919-962-2347

Shakirah Hudani                                                       919-962-8225

Kenneth Janken                                           919-962-1519

Michael Lambert                                       919-962-2342

Alicia Monroe                         

Mohamed Mwamzandi      

Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja                     919-537-3210

David Pier                                                               919-537-3386

Robert Porter                          

Charlene Regester                                        919-537-3383

Eunice Sahle                           

Petal Samuel                                                        919-962-3944

Ronald Williams II                                                 919-843-6202

Adjunct Faculty

Fenaba Addo, Associate Professor, Public Policy                                                                     

Anna Agbe-Davies, Associate Professor, Anthropology                                                      

Renée Alexander Craft, Professor, Communication                                                               

Lisa Calvente, Assistant Professor, Communication                                                             

Youssef Carter, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies                                                         

Christopher Clark, Associate Professor, Political Science                                                   

Shannon Malone Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, Sociology                                               

Sudhanshu Handa, Eminent Professor, Public Policy                                                           

Taylor Hargrove, Assistant Professor, Sociology                                                                    

Sherick Hughes, Distinguished Professor, Education                                                           

Lauren Jarvis, Assistant Professor, History                                                                               

Joseph Jordan, Director, Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History

Priscilla Layne, Associate Professor, Germanic & Slavic Languages                              

Lisa Lindsay, Professor, History                                                                                                     

Chaitra Powell, Curator, Southern Historical Collection                                                     

Danielle Purifoy, Assistant Professor, Geography                                                                  

Antonia Randolph, Assistant Professor, American Studies                                                

Victoria Rovine, Professor, Art                                                                                                        

Rebecka Rutledge Fisher, Associate Professor, English & Comparative Literature 

Tanya Shields, Associate Professor, Women’s & Gender Studies                                    

J. Michael Terry, Associate Professor, Linguistic                                                                   

Affiliated Instructors

John Bowles                                 

Howard Craft                              

Carol McGee                                

Christopher Massenburg      

Joseph Megel                              

Matthew Sebastian                  

Torri Staton