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Assistant Professor


PhD, City and Regional Planning (Designated Emphasis in Science and Technology Studies), UC Berkeley

MSc., Public Health, LSHTM, University of London

MSc., Social Anthropology, University of Oxford

AB., Social Studies and African Studies, Harvard University

Teaching and Research Interests:

African cities, post-conflict urbanism, transitional justice; Rwanda and the Great Lakes region; Kenya and East Africa.

Current research:

Shakirah Hudani specializes in African urbanism and post-conflict urban change. Her research focuses on urban change in post-genocide Rwanda, with relevance to the Great Lakes region, and to urban planning processes in East Africa. She began working in Rwanda in 2002, examining the Gacaca transitional justice process, and more recently returned to research urbanization and contemporary planning. Her new research focuses on peripheral urban change in Nairobi. She has held fellowships from the Wenner Gren Foundation, the Institute for International Studies at UC Berkeley, and is a Rhodes Scholar (2004).


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